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The Poetry of Spirituality: As Seen Through the Eyes of a Psychotherapist


In The Poetry of Spirituality, Elizabeth (Eli) Dickson explores the elusive and often controversial topic of contemporary spirituality from several unique perspectives.


First, she gives a structure for understanding spirituality (as distinct from religion) by using spiritual emotions as her framework: awe, faith, love, compassion, joy and gratitude.


Then she goes beyond helping us understand spirituality in a left-brain, intellectual way. With a focus on spiritual emotions, she emphasizes the experiential dimension, how spirituality actually feels to us personally. In this sense, the book is about the “poetry” of spirituality—how words can really take us to the actual experience.


And finally, spirituality is seen through the eyes of a psychotherapist, someone who witnesses how spiritual emotions come alive in the minute-by-minute interactions of the psychotherapy hour and how essential these emotions can be in helping clients heal and grow. By examining spirituality and psychotherapy together, Eli Dickson sets up a different lens through which to view psychotherapy. She explains in a refreshingly new way why psychotherapy works and what gives it its power.



A masterpiece! Eli Dickson offers a fresh look at contemporary spirituality and takes us to the heart of what constitutes a meaningful psychotherapy experience.

—Joan Lavender, Psy. D. Psychologist, Psychotherapist 

Faculty at the Experiential Psychotherapy Project

Each page is deeply satisfying. Eli Dickson has succeeded in highlighting what is most beautiful in life, and she presents it to us in a clear and inviting way.

—Lynn Preston, MA, MS, Psychotherapist

Founding Director of the Focusing-Oriented Relational Psychotherapy Center


The Poetry of Spirituality is quite an accomplishment—an integration of spirituality, psychotherapy, and poetry in a very readable and meaningful package. It brings together the author’s special gifts of cognition and spiritual wisdom.

—Ellen Shumsky, LCSW, Psychotherapist

Faculty at the Institute for Contemporary Psychotherapy




Large 12×12 book, hardcover, photography by Rose Dickson


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